imageokay, so i’m redesigning cheesecake so it’d be cool if anyone could pick one they liked best?




Here’s some English version edits of the new character profiles that just went up a little bit ago. I tried to remember how I did the other ones but couldn’t find the right fonts again and gave up so sorry they’re so stylistically inconsistent ><
As usual, the information in these is varyingly different to the information in their famitsu profiles from last week, so there’s a few new tidbits in these.



by 雪漣月

※Permission to upload this was given by the artist


accurate representation of a school trial in sdr2

i wasnt going to post these bc theyre SO sloppy but whatever

quick doodleydoo

why have i never drawn ice scream

[ screams while doing homework at 10:41 pm on the first fucking day of school ]